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Thursday, November 20, 2008

#525 Choice, Joy and Friends

The following is part of a Michael Chat. It resonates with me. It helps me to understand this world I am currently experiencing. It makes sense. However, it is only a part of the chat which you will find here should you so choose to read further.

There is no good work in solitude as a way of life. For the time of looking inward, yes. For the time of pulling one's self together after the activity of the hour, yes. For a state or preference in dealing with the world, no. No one ever expanded agape or evolved in the soul by escaping to a mountain fastness to be alone. Are your connections always satisfying? No, many are frustrating, exasperating, unfriendly, hurtful, demeaning. But taken as a whole, we would say that going about the world, enduring, enjoying, enabling, is the means for growth and in the end bliss.

You will notice we did not say 'happiness'. Happiness is not gained from others. Happiness is created within. Again, we do not say 'found'. It is created and re-created minute by minute. However, you are from a creature whose bent was sociability. And sociability means interaction with others of the same kind.

The lesson for me is the value, to me, in the choice of interacting with others and choosing those actions which bring the feeling of well-being. Once one "retires" from the world of work, the opportunities for interaction change. It is at this time I seek interaction in a different way. (Reading and writing blogs is just one way for me to interact with others.) It is now when friendships are important. As an example, this past weekend we had the opportunity to have a TGIF get-together with a couple who we have been able to call on a Friday afternoon and invite to dinner. They do the same. This time they made the call and we were able to dine with them. The nice thing about it is the
camaraderie. We have been doing this for the past 25+ years. We don't meet every Friday and the times are less frequent. The times are cherished for the friendship as well as the food and wine.

The other get-together was with two couples who never have been together socially. We know the women but had not spent any time with the men in their lives. A wine/cheese tasting prior to dinner seemed the perfect way to get to know them. The time was magic. There was no awkwardness, just openness and good humor. As Michael pointed out above, it is all about interaction and choosing the outcome. We all chose happiness and joy.

Next week Maryann and I choose to be with our family at our youngest daughters home. I suspect a good time will be had by all. At least that is my choice.



shannon said...

i am looking forward to having you all in our beautiful new home (it's still new even after a year, right?!).

the new table awaits for meals, laughter, wine...

Wanda said...

What an insightful post, Jack.

We just go involved in a church recently since we moved to Southern CA after retiring.

Small groups, couples over for dinner, some of the delights of life.

We will be spending Thanksgiving with all our children and grandchildren at our middle daughter's home.

Know you will have a great time at your daughters.


The Real Mother Hen said...
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The Real Mother Hen said...

I read the newer post then came to this.

For young kids (like the one in the newer post), having a good time probably means getting drunk. But once we past that arrogant age, little things like seeing a good friend, sharing a dinner with someone, all bring a great amount of pleasure, and we really do treasure every bit of it.

Skunkfeathers said...

Enjoy the coming festivities, Jack.

As for me, I shall slink from this secular little world I live in away from work, surrounded by (and tormenting the horsefeathers out of) email scammers and telemousketeers, and on the day of Thanks, journey north a fur piece to break bread widdah family, watch football, and entertain my sister's soccer playing dog by watching during the half-time show ;)

A great Holiday to you and yours, and your daughter's new table that awaits breaking in!

Angela Marie said...

It does make sense...

I love this insight and it resonates with me too. It is all about choice isn't it? and how we choose to live our life... minute by minute ~ growth and bliss.
Now, I am going to take my camera and take some pictures.

Great post Jack!