Serve with integrity. Care about those you serve. Share the love in your heart & soul.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

#519 I VOTED (updated)

Did you?

More later.

Later just arrived. It is a beautiful day here in Lansing, KS.

We awoke early around 6 AM. Had a quick bite and headed off to the polls. We got there around 30 minutes prior to the doors opening. There were already about 50 people ahead of us. Just in front of us was an Army Major with his wife and infant child. There was quite a mixture of folks-black, white, male, female, young, matured (OK, old), still working, retired, and from all economic strata. It was quite a sight to behold considering the turnouts for past elections. People are taking this election seriously. Yet, they were also in good humor and obviously proud to be able to exercise this privilege and right. Some brought books, some called others to remind them to get to the polls. And, all were neighborly. What a great community, our Lansing.

My primary wish is for the country to be able to come together and get back on the road to prosperity and service to others.

So I wish that you would all continue to...

Serve with integrity, care about those you serve, and share the love in your heart/soul.

PS: Our daughter who lives in California just sent me an email with a wonderful story about campaigning. It truly tells what this campaign is really about. It is entitled
My wife made me canvass for Obama.



shannon said...

i just posted almost this same exact post. it's like we are related or something! LOL

love you!!

Christina said...

good story!!! glad you voted.

Diane said...

Great story - and love the photo! That tree is spectacular~

Fred said...

Wow - what a great picture. The color is stunning.

I voted two seeks ago on the first day of early voting. The wait then was 45 minutes...not too bad.

I'm now watching the campaign coverage for as long as it takes.

Bird said...

wow - 6am and 50 people lined up already? too cool!

i spent the morning at an obama field office in San Francisco - calling folks in Ohio, PA, and Indiana (yeah, Gary, Indiana, Gary Indiana - music playing in my head now).

let's keep our fingers crossed!!!