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Saturday, October 11, 2008

#509 For whom should you vote?

I just discovered that the photos that were originally posted here disappeared. Consequently, the posting doesn't really work, so I erased the verbiage.

Vote your conscience.



The Phosgene Kid said...

I voted Baldwin/Castle who are running on the constitutional party ticket. I think it is time for a populist movement to reclaim our government. Vote McCain or Obama and the government will continue to be run by special interests, lobbyists, and the elite class in complete opposition to the tenants of our Constitution.

Unfortunately according to the co-opted media there are only two parties. The "debates" are a farce as only the two corporate owned parties are the only ones that get to present their opinions. The Reps pander to the Christian Right and the Democrats are so splintered in their opinions and ideals they just come off as dazed and confused.

Time for "We the People" to take the reigns back from an inept elitist government.

Karen said...

hmmmm, for whom should I vote...

BARACK OBAMA, of course!!!

Anonymous said...
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