Serve with integrity. Care about those you serve. Share the love in your heart & soul.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

#489 Did you ever have...

one of those days where something happens that makes the rest of the day fantastic? I bet you have. Last Thursday was one of those days for me. Having just come back from El Paso, it was time to do some errands and get the new vehicle registered with the state and get a new sticker for easier entrance to Fort Leavenworth.

During the registration process at the county treasurers I had to present my driver's license. Lisa, the young woman who was taking care of me, took my license and then rather loudly repeated the phrase, "No way! No way! No way! No way!" I was rather surprised at the comment. "What do you mean, no way?", says I. She said, "You can't be that old." Well what do you think of that? The woman standing at the window to my right got into the conversation. She looked at the photo on the license and made a comment about how my hair was darker in the photo and a bit lighter in real life. I had to laugh. It did make my day.

I hope you all have many days like that.

You will if you....
Serve with integrity, care about those you serve and share the love in your heart/soul.



bronxbt said...

as i grow wiser... er.. older, i'm finding that the folicles on my noggin' are fighting to go the way of my father's hairline (= damned near gone) or simply grey out like my mother's. (who was silver fox'd by the time she was 55 or so)

my gal has called it "cinnamon & sugar" as she purrs and runs her nails thru my hair on occasion.

talk about a good day... how about a fantastic new life?

*evil "muaha ha ha haaaa"*


shannon said...

i don't even believe your age, and you're my dad.

you're the reason i don't think of people by their numbers. if they love life, live it honestly...

i have to stop and think whenever anybody asks me how old i am.


Skunkfeathers said...

Age is a state of chronology; I think Ohio is east of it ;)

When my niece was 10, she defended me when my sister was tweaking me about my first gray hairs; she said "but his gray hairs make him look extinguished!" Took my sister five minutes to recover from that.

Now, my niece is 32. Last time she saw me, the event came up in conversation. After being reminded of what she said, she looked at me critically and said, "now you need to color your hair; you look older than hell!"

Guess I'm not extinguished anymore... ;)