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Sunday, August 24, 2008

#487 Day 21 Rudesheim & Rhine Castles

July 4th found us traveling to Rudesheim. Like the trips to Rothenburg and Heidelberg, we had a great time finding our hotel. Each day presented another travel challenge. We did have MapQuest maps which were extremely helpful. That is, until we got to the town, then we had to search for our hotel. It was great fun.

We had plans to take the river tour to see the vineyards and castles along the Rhine. Rudesheim is noted for the Rheingau vinyards and the Reisling wines produced there. The boat dock was right across the street from our hotel. We weren't in town more than an hour and we were sailing down the river. The boat traveled to Boppard and then returned. The trip took a few hours on the river. It was very restful and the lunch aboard was good, too.

In Rudesheim we spent the night at the Parkhotel Deutscher Hof. We also visited the Drosselgasse. It is a narrow, picturesque street with a number of wine bars. It took us some time to find it. We had a nice walk around the town as we looked for it. I was surprised to find the house with Carl Jung's name on it. We did have dinner at the Rudesheimer Schloss. They had a band that played a lot of familiar tunes. Many of the tunes were by the Beatles. The photo of us was taken by kind gentleman who had just finished dancing with his wife. I agreed to take a photo of them and their friends. It was quite a friendly place. The food was delicious and the wine was quite drinkable.


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Peter said...

Beautiful photos Jack, I'm envious of your trip.