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Thursday, August 21, 2008

#484 Day 18 Rothenburg-Day Two

It's time to get back to the tour in Germany. So here we go.

Our second day in Rothenburg we were able to see more wonderful sights of the city. In the morning we just walked around on our own. The following slides came from the walk. The Plonlein is the most photographed corner, probably in the world. Or, at least in Rothenburg.

The next slides depict some of the sights we saw during the day tour. Daniel our guide didn't dress in costume, but he was very knowledgeable.

The next set of slides depicts St. Jakob's Luthern Church. The architectural features of the church are amazing considering how long ago the church was built. One of the most interesting parts of the church are the wood carvings on the alter. They were carved by a very famous wood carver of the time, Tilman Riemenschneider. He was a very talented sculptor from Wurzburg.

All in all, our time in Rothenburg were absolutely fabulous. It was all that we expected it to be. We would recommend spending time there for anyone.


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