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Saturday, August 16, 2008

#481 El Paso, Saturday, August 16

It seems like it should be longer because of all of the work Keith and I accomplished. I’ll try to recap our efforts. This trip was a working trip. Since mom’s passing Keith has been doing a lot around the house to make it his place. Besides moving furniture and hanging his paintings, he came up with a list of a number of maintenance projects. At the same time Maryann and I had some ideas for him to consider. With that in mind we were on our way.

Upon my arrival on Wednesday, we discussed projects, priorities and possibilities. A relatively easy task was refinishing four window sills. We also discussed the remodeling of the bathroom, installing new counter tops in the kitchen, refinishing the garage door jambs, hanging new Venetian blinds in the living room, and photographing all of his paintings. To date we are doing quite well.

• Plan
• Lunch at good Mexican Restaurant
• Shop at Lowes for the
o Purchase window sill project materials
o Look at counter tops
o Look at wall tile
o Look at counter top laminates
o Look at window blinds
o Look at light fixtures
o Look at bathroom vanities and sinks
• Shop at Radio Shack for
o Order memory stick for computer
o Look at new all-purpose printer
• Shop at Wal-Mart for
o Groceries and a bottle of wine
• Work on window sills
o Sand, fill in gaps in the wood and apply sealer
• Measure living room window for blinds
• Finish painting window sills
• Measure kitchen counter tops
• Measure bathroom
• Work on garage
o Sand and fill
• Go back to Lowes
• Go to Radio Shack
o Pick up memory stick
• Lunch at Applebee’s
• Go to Furniture Mart
o Order full size bed (frame, mattress, & box springs)
o Order night stand
o Order lamp for night stand
o Pay for same and schedule delivery
• Work on garage
o Sand and fill
• Wait for furniture delivery
o It was later than promised
o Helped carry in some of the furniture
o Helped set up bed
• Lunch at home
• Back to
o Buy blinds and have them cut
o Wrong dimensions we were to find out
• Have an Amber Bock a Applebee’s
• Finish applying filler to garage door frame
• Review accomplishments and plans
• Apply seal on garage door frame
• Begin to install window blinds
• Hold a blind to window, oops, too long.
• Go back to
• Paint garage door frame
• Finish blind installation
• Complete painting photographing
• Download photos into computer
• Catalog photos in computer.
• Write this posting.

We have finished the photography. Keith has edited them and put them on a CD. The next step is to delete some old photos of the same paintings. The old ones are too small, not as good a resolution as the ones with this camera.

Enough for now. More later.



bronxbt said...

wow. i'm tired jes' reading that list. makes me almost feel itsy-bitsy and laaazy for doing almost nothing productive this weekend.

then again, haven't been feeling top notch, and work last week drained jesta' leetle bit more of my soul... so a rest was justified in my book.

good to read/hear you've been busy, productive and most of all.. effective.



shannon said...

your list makes me sleepy...or is that the warm air in the perfectly lit office where i am alone?

give uncle keith my love.


Fred said...

Heckuva list. I would consult the trusty Yellow Pages.