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Monday, July 28, 2008

#464 Today was the magical day.

Today was, indeed, a magical day. It was sad because an "old friend" was replaced by a new one. The photos below are the first of a few to come.

So far I have taken time to treat the windows with Rain-X. It really makes a difference on the windshield during the rain. The next chore is to apply a coating of Turtle Wax Ice. It is a very good application for protecting the painted surface. Photos of the "waxed" vehicle will be posted. I am thinking of using a photo of the Civic Si to replace the current photo of the Del Sol. Any suggestions?


1 comment:

bronxbt said...

um... i suggest yesh! replace that photo wif' yer new behbeh! sexy looking car jack! aaaaand with a slick little fastback on it too!

you, my friend, are officially pimpin'

(again, i'm not really sure what the hell that means, but i can go look it up jes' as easily as the next guy)