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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

#457 Back to the cruise - day six

This was the day we stopped at the capital of Normandy, Rouen. It is a beautiful city, just as many European cities and towns are. These are some of the views of the Cathedral and some of the streets of Old Town Rouen. One of the fascinating things about visiting Europe are the old parts of the larger communities. Cathedrals are amazing considering the time most of them were built and the mechanical techniques available at that time.

Near this cathedral was an area that was once a cemetery. The cemetery was in a "courtyard" that was formed by buildings that might have been residences at one time. There is an art school in parts of these buildings at this time. I only suspect that the young lady featured is one of those students. Yeah, my bias is showing.



Fred said...

Beautiful pictures. I didn't make it there while I was in Normandy so I appreciate seeing these. I'll bet you had a great time.

Our tour took use to the beaches, the cemetery, and a memorial in Caen.

Don't you just love the small, winding streets?

Jack K. said...

Day 8 of our cruise took us to the Normandy area. Our friends also took us through Normandy and to the museum at Caen. There will be photos from there, too.

There is something magical about the old towns.

Karen said...

France is one place I didn't visit while in Europe; I'll have to remedy that.

Jack K. said...

Karen, please do. You will enjoy it tremendously. However, we are fortunate to have very dear friends from there and we exchange visits frequently. Wait for the future pics with them.

Germany is beautiful, too.