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Friday, July 11, 2008

#448 What did you do this summer?

It was more than six months ago when Maryann began planning our trip for this summer. We knew we were going to visit with our friends in France. It would be our fifth trip to spend time with them. They did come to our home last year. We try to alternate visits. With that in mind our planning began.

This time we also thought it might be nice to visit the Normandy area. It was one of the few areas of France we had not seen. Our friends lived in that area at one time. They had indicated that they would like to show us that part of their country.

We also thought about a river cruise from Paris to Le Havre. It just so happens that Viking river cruises offer such a trip. We had talked with someone when we were in Vancouver last year who had been on a Viking cruise. He was very laudatory. We now know why. Our experience was fantastic. The upside is that you are pampered for the entire trip and you get to see some beautiful scenery and sites. They have a preplanned set of sites and events. Along with that, you get to meet some really nice people. There are some with whom you will make an effort to maintain contact.

The Viking Seine
Our plans called for a one week cruise. Then our friends met us in Le Havre and took us around Normandy and then back to their home in Marsannay le Bois. It is a small farming village outside of Dijon. We spent another week with them.

The next leg was renting a car and driving through Southern Germany. There were two nights in Rothenberg, two nights in Heidelberg and one night in Rudisheim. The last part of the trip was four days with the daughter of our friends and her family. They live in a suburb of Lille. This was a special part of the trip because Sophie had lived with us for about six months while she was going to university. Her program required her to do a practicum in their field of study. The university recommended that the experience be in another country. We were so pleased to be able to help her find a place and have her live with us. It was during this time that she also was able to get to know the young man whom she would eventually marry. They are the parents of two beautiful children.

Well, there you have it, the outline of our summer travels. Three and a half weeks in Europe. During that time I took more than 1600 photos. We are going through them now and I will post some in future postings along with a more detailed discussion of the trip. So keep checking back.


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