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Saturday, July 05, 2008

#446 European Update - Week Three

We are finishing our tour of France and Germany. It has been a wonderful time. There will be be more about it late next week. We arrived in Lille yesterday and had a great tie finding Sophie and Emanuel's house. It is marvelous to see them again. They are our French family, more about that later.



shannon said...

i can hardly wait to see pictures and hear the stories.

give our love to the french branch of our family. :)

bronxbt said...

ahhh cannot wait to see 'dem pics.

also, it will be fantastic to hear from you again.

glad yer home safe, as i'm sure yer family is too.


Karen said...

Have a safe trip back to the USA.

I'm with the others, can't wait for photos. :o)

Fred said...

Thanks for checking in!