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Saturday, June 14, 2008

#443 Absent for a whle

We just finished packing. The shuttle will pick us up early in the morning. We are taking a trip to Europe, one that we have planned and saved for, for some time.

There will be a river boat cruise from Paris to the Normandy area, sightseeing in that area with dear friends, traveling with them to their home outside of Dijon, a car trip through Southern Germany to Lille, a visit with "our French daughter and her family" and then the flight back home.

While gone, I will have limited access to computers. My lap top is getting a much needed rest.

I do plan to take a multitude of photos. There will be a number of slide shows upon my return.

Make your days wonderful by....

Serving with integrity, caring about those you serve and sharing the love in your heart/soul



Hale McKay said...


May you and your family have a fabulous time.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Bon Voyage!! Take lots of pictures!!

Karen said...

Auf Wiedersehen
Bis dann
Au Revoir

and Goodbye!