Serve with integrity. Care about those you serve. Share the love in your heart & soul.

Monday, June 09, 2008

#439 Erato, wherefor art thou...

muse of poets? It has been a long time since I have had the inclination to post anything. Even with this one, it is a lame effort. For some weird reason, nothing inspiring comes to mind.

Perhaps our upcoming European trip will be of some help. I am prepared to take lots of photos and plan to post them at and then to this site.

In the meantime, y'all have fun. Do good works and continue to...

Serve with integrity, care about those you serve and share the love in your heart.



Skunkfeathers said...

Enjoy the trip to Europe, and beware of scammers bearing offers (or asking if you know J. C. Howard)

Bird said...

muses congregate in abundance in europe - so perhaps your trip will be just the thing!

i had thought of traveling to europe this summer as well, but decided to wait til next year (in hopes somehow that the election results will help strengthen the dollar) and kick around san francisco instead.

i eagerly await the pictures!

bon voyage!

bronxbt said...

i have the same issue, jack.
weekly animal posting is one thing on the silly fuzziechads site, 'cuz that's more routine...
but my site isn't as post-happeh as i'd like it to be.
(tho ironically i posted this AM)

no worries about content! heck, look at mine, it's a few pics and silly commentary.

MY biggest issue is that, like with your site, i read EVERY entry you make, yet i rarely have much to say to post a comment with?

maybe that's a comment in itself about my mentality, i dunno.. but rest assured that even if your words are as plain and simple as this post, they're READ and they EFFECT us!


Jack K. said...

Skunkman, you have gotten my return email by now. Thanks for the warning. snicker

bird, I shall look for the inspirational muses while in France and Germany. We will be visiting with friends while there, so it should be easy.

b-, as a working stiff, you have more important things to deal with than daily postings. However, should you ever decide to drop fuzziechadsrule, you will be haunted by your adoring fans. snerx.

The Phosgene Kid said...

I miss Europe. If there is an Obama/hillary ticket I may return there and stay.

Have fun!!! Do a Rhine Cruise if you get the chance.

shannon said...

I will miss our Sunday chats. Have a great time!

And when you are inspired, we'll be here.

Love you, Dad.