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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

#424 Get out the vote!

I received this email from one of my daughters. She has really gotten involved in the process of making a difference. It is something we can all get involved in. From our perspective Senator Obama presents the proper approach to leadership for the future. Enjoy the email and get out the vote.

Hi Dad,
I told you about the need to get some bloggers excited about this & to post it ASAP...well, here's the deal:

A nationwide Voter Registration Drive called The Vote for Change. All over America next Saturday, May 10th, Obama volunteers (anyone who wants to join them!!) will be hitting the pavement to register new voters (or re-register those who have moved or lost track of their registration over the years.)

We need your help...

1) Post information on your blog.

Every state is having these drives in multiple cities, so visit here to find the details for your nearest event. Since you have friends and readers all over, they can find the place closest to them.

2) Get out and join the masses -- recruit your friends and fellow Democrats.

When you are on the Obama site, there is a video about Voter Registration and Barack's efforts in Project Vote. You can add this to your blogs. You just click "menu" in the lower right hand corner and it gives you two options (embed or link)

Thanks so much! Tell all your friends - get a group together - buy a bunch of coffee and meet early to give 4 hours of your time to get more people to take part in this important process!!




Karen said...

Saw that on Barack's site but great you posted it from your daughter.

And, kudos to your daughter for supporting the Barack movement.

You probably know by now that I'm right on it!! :o)

Fred said...

Hi Jack - thanks for stopping by today.