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Monday, April 07, 2008

#406 A plant for Mom

It seemed appropriate to send Mom a plant. She doesn't see well, but somehow there is comfort in doing it. We agreed on a plant since flowers fade so quickly. The one that arrived looks like the one shown below, or so I am told. The primary difference, there is no tray for it. All of the rest arrived-the plant, vase, rocks and fortune cookies. My brother says it looks quite nice.

He tells me that mom is doing quite well under the circumstances. She has charmed the staff with her wit. An example: One of the staff told mom that she had a hot date that evening. To which mom replied, "Remember to take your diaphragm." The comment made the rounds within minutes. They were still laughing about it the next day.

She still doesn't eat much. She has been in her bed for about a week and a half. That is not unexpected. Because of that and her thin, frail state she needs a medicated salve for her back.

The staff told my brother that she would have ups and downs. Last Monday was a down day. Since then things have been better. We suspect the downs will get lower. Who knows what this Monday will bring.

The real estate class ended this weekend. As usual it was fantastic. There is something about working with folks so that they discover things about themselves they may not even have suspected. What a high when someone suddenly gets it. I wouldn't trade this opportunity for anything. Well almost anything. hee hee.

I hope all is well with you. Please continue to...

Serve with integrity, care about those you serve and share the love in your heart.



bronxbt said...

the gift is a thoughtfull one to be sure. remember, jack, what can't be seen could be touched... and there's something so cool about the bamboo's strength, shape and form.

hugs to you and yours,

Skunkfeathers said...

Continued best wishes to your mom and family!

Polly said...

It is a 'happy' plant isn't it?
Very appropriate I think.

Your post sent me back to the days of my dad 'winding down' too.

At least she still has her mind and her ability to relate to others. Sadly my dad did not.

Thoughts fly across the sea to you and yours at this time.

What a spunky lady..diaphram...mmm the reason I exist today!