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Sunday, March 16, 2008

#394 Pictures of Mom

While in El Paso last week, my brother brought out some old photos. He was sure I would want some of them. He was right. I don't have too many of Mom. The last three were taken by me, I have no idea who took the others.

The first three photos are of her grandmother, father and mother. As I have mentioned in earlier postings mom didn't get along so well with her grandmother and mother. Her father was her primary "protector". He is also for whom I was named. I didn't know we had a photo of him. I'm glad to have it and share it.

The 1937 photo was taken when she was pregnant with my younger brother. The 1947 photo was taken in when we lived in Penbrook, PA. That was the time that mom was selling on the road. In 1955 she and her second and last husband John were stationed in Bamberg, Germany. 1957 found them in Junction City, KS. John was stationed at Ft. Riley. I was in the Air Force then and was able to visit them there.

In 1958 John was assigned to Ft. Bliss, TX. They rented a home until 1962 when they purchased their home in the Northeast section of El Paso. John passed away quite a while ago and mom remained in the home until early in March. I took the two photos in 2006 and my brother took the one in 2008.

By her own reckoning, her life wasn't as good as she wanted. She did tell us that she never expected her life to end as it is now. She wasn't sure how it would have been, just something different. I think she expected to die in her own bed. Now she is living in a nursing facility where she can be taken care of 24/7. She will be receiving much better care than my brother and I are able to give her. I hope these photos are helpful.



shannon said...

wow, i love looking at those. i can't wait to see them in person later in the summer.

i have to agree with her, i always thought she'd pass in her own bed, too.

bronxbt said...

soo cooh to see the history, and since i have a fascination with photography in general, it's SO COOL to see pics of just "life" back then.

very good of you to upload and archive this history for your family and all of us as well. amazing what's available for us all nowadays to preserve what's happened, eh?

Your mother is beautiful. Thank you for sharing...


Little Lamb said...

I like looking at old pictures.

Karen said...

These photos are wonderful!

Your Mom is beautiful.

Memories are precious.