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Sunday, February 17, 2008

#375 Valentine's Dinner Party

Every year The Old Bastards host a dinner party to honor their wives. For the past two years Maryann and I have been the folks responsible for setting it up. Last year we had a dinner theater program which was a big success.

This year the idea was to do something different again. Maryann called a friend at the local university to learn if any students were musicians/singers/ performers. We were lucky to find a young man who sings tenor and the director of the university's fine arts department agreed to accompany him.

We were able to get a varied menu where each entree was priced equally. You know the drill, meat, chicken and/veggie. It was good we did, because this year we had a couple of requests for the veggie meal.

The day of the event we went to the site and decorated. It took about 30 minutes to get everything done-center pieces, candles, ribbons, etc. The facility had red tablecloths that were just perfect. We also had to set up a spot for taking photos. There was also a bar. The only down side was when one couple couldn't come at the last minute due to the flu bug.

Getting set up for the evening was also easy. We arrived about an hour ahead of time to make the final adjustments. The musicians got there and were set up within a few minutes. They took some time to make the final selection for their performance. We had to get another lamp to put next to the keyboard. We also took time to set up the camera.

All was set. We had our agenda ready. The folks began to arrive. They found places to sit after the cocktail hour. Aside from a couple of variations on the agenda, all went well. The singer began by singing a verse of Let Me Call You Sweetheart,
handing out the roses to the ladies, and finishing the song.

After dinner the tenor presented the program. It was a series of show tunes that went over extremely will with the group. There were cries of encore upon the completion of the program.

In all it was a great evening. The bad weather held off. It did begin to rain right after everyone arrived. There was a slow, steady rain when we left. The snow held off until this morning.

I'm not sure how the affair will go next year, but I am sure we will have a great time. Maryann and I will not be responsible for it. We will play minor parts. The couple who will take over will do a fantastic job.

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's day.



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Sounds like a lot of work resulted in a great evening for one and all. For those with a special Valentine, I can't imagine a better gift.