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Friday, February 01, 2008

#363 Tonight was a movie night

We watched the film Breaker Morant tonight. It was a film that neither of us had ever seen. Maryann had selected it. I am glad she did. It is a powerful film that shows the folly of vain men who are willing to sacrifice others. The sacrifice was done in the name of duty and honor for one's country. It was based upon a true story wherein the British sacrificed a couple of Australians. The courts cavalier attitude was abominable.

One of the highlights of the film was the defense attorney's summation. Here he outlined the vagaries of a different kind of warfare wherein the troops fighting it were given orders to take no prisoners by men who had never fought such a battle. And the willingness to trump up charges so that Britain would not lose the gold and diamonds to the Germans.

Another highlight was the honorable and quite unnecessary way the two primary characters faced their fate. I salute them.

While it took place during the Boer war in South Africa, it could very well be applied to all wars since then. Before trying diplomatic methods to resolve differences, go to war. Granted there are times when it might just be necessary to resort to warfare, those who do it better be damned sure they know what they are getting into. And, how they are going to get out.

It is too bad that the folks who want to send young men and women into battle haven't been there themselves. Most soldiers will tell you that they would prefer not to have to fight. They are willing to lay down their lives and limbs for their country. We should all be proud of all of them. We also need to show some pride for those who object to war based upon their conscience. It takes just as much courage for them as the warrior. They just happen to be champions for a different cause.



Peter said...

Being an Australian this movie means a lot to me that perhaps would not be felt by other nationalities, the way that "Mother England" showed her love it amazes me that we rallied to her call in two subsequent world wars (with the same callous treatment on several occasions)
Shoot straight you bastards!!!!!

Jack K. said...

Amen, Peter, amen!