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Thursday, December 20, 2007

#339 Memories of the Black Church - Another Jane Story

This is a fond memory for Mom.

The part of Carlisle, where Jane grew up was being developed at that time. As communities do, Carlisle began to expand into the surrounding countryside that consisted mostly of farms. However, near their home was a church that had been there for many years. It was a church for members of the black community.

During the summer time most folks kept their windows open to try to keep cool. Jane remembers the sounds of singing and praying on many of those hot, summer Sunday evenings. An interesting insight into the “race relations” of the time was the special dinners hosted by members of the congregation. Every Saturday evening, the church members would have a special dinner for their white neighbors. The event was called White Night. The only members of the congregation who were at the church were those who were involved in the preparation and serving of the meal.

Mom never did say if she or her family went to any of the dinners. I suspect that her dad took her. She did make an effort by example, for my brother and me, to minimize the prejudice of the day. Too bad that we were still influenced by the more insidious aspects of racist acculturation.


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Karen said...

What a wonderful story, such great memories... they mean so much.