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Thursday, December 13, 2007

#333 What a Beautiful Day

It has been a very busy and very wonderful day. Ran errands first thing this morning. Finally stopped by the barbershop and got my ears lowered. Made sure the vehicle was gassed up. Had an early lunch. Chatted a few minutes with my mother when she called. Drove Maryann for her routine checkup with the oncologist.

Now for the beautiful, I mean really beautiful, part. Everything is fine. In fact, it is so fine, Maryann will not have to see the oncologist for another year. Heretofore she had to go in every three months, than every four months and then every six months. It has been four years and 3 months since she underwent the stem cell transplant. Everything is operating as it should. We even learned that the conventional medical wisdom has decided that, unless it is warranted, no more CT scans will be administered just to see how things are going. It seems the medical community has discovered that indiscriminate use of such scans can have deleterious effects later on.

So we made the appointment to see the doctor next year and then did some more errands. We stopped by a very ritzy shop that had some very lovely Christmas decorations. We didn't buy anything. Then we stopped by our favorite travel shop and purchased a few things in preparation for our trip to Europe next summer. We even inquired about car rentals for when we are there.

So there you have it. A brief summary of our day. Btw, we received our first Netflix movie today and watched it this evening. If you can get past the language Knocked Up is a very funny movie.

May your days be as beautiful as ours has been.


Karen said...

Sounds like a perfect day!

Skunkfeathers said...

Well, sounds like a Merry Christmas, indeed!

Peter said...

Great news on a beautiful day!!!

shannon said...

I smiled and breathed as soon as I got Mom's email this morning. I'm thrilled (to say the least) of the news!!!

I warned you Knocked Up had in all that language. LOL

Love you!!

Karen said...

tee, hee Shannon!

Always pays to listen to your kids, eh, Jack!?!


and, oh... er, 'Knocked Up' sounds pretty self explanatory.