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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

#331 Ice, Ice Everywhere...

UPDATE since initial posting.

The photo to the left is one of the pin oaks at the Northeast corner of our lot. I took it when the color of the leaves was at their best. The one on the right was taken today. It is the same tree. Pin oak branches normally point to the ground. It is even more pronounced when they are burdened down with ice.

All week long our local weather guru has been prognosticating an ice storm. Last evening, around 6 PM it arrived. A slow, steady rain that turned to ice upon hitting the ground. As you can see from the photos above the ice is here.

Being semi-retired has its advantages. We planned for this by insuring that our refrigerator and pantry were sufficiently stocked to sustain us during the storm. We have plenty of indoor activities to amuse ourselves. Since it is Tuesday, there are bed sheets to launder. I must bake some bread and there is a layered mint cookie that I usually bake this time of year that might just get made too.

As I write this the sky is beginning to get lighter and I can see the house across the street. I don't hear the rain so I think we are in a lull. There have been a few vehicles pass by. Did I mention that being semi-retired allows me to remain indoors. I don't know if I will even venture forth to get the mail. (I will have to bring in the newspaper. Crossword puzzles, you know.)

Yes, friends, it will be an indoor day. I will bake my bread and cookies and finish the mystery I'm currently reading. Perhaps I will even work some crossword puzzles on line. (See the links to the right.)

The bread is a new recipe - Whole wheat cornmeal bread with a touch of basil. I haven't tasted it yet. I am looking forward to that first taste.

I did come back and add the photos, so the following comment is no longer as accurate as it was earlier today.

Anyway, it is getting time for breakfast, so I will sign off with a hearty....

Serve others, care about those you serve and, by all means, share the love in your heart.



shannon said...

well while you are all warm inside, think of me riding my bike about 3 miles to work this morning! :) i'm excited, and terrified all at once. what if i can't make it? what if jessica (the gal i'm riding with) has to leave me behind?! nah, she wouldn't.

and those mint cookie bar HAD to write about them and make me want them while i'm doing really really well losing the weight i put on when we were selling the house...

love you anyway, dad.

Skunkfeathers said...

Yep...remember well those ice storms from my Iowa youth.

Here, we don't get those kind of ice storms. We just get ice underneath the snow, and the icecapades it creates on the roads during the commute. I might have to dig out -- some pun intended -- my winter driving "types" column from a few years ago. Or not; I don't want to encourage a few of these yahoos ;) Anyway, indoors is best right now!

Karen said...

Been watching the 'icecapades' and holding my breath we Michiganders don't get it here. There was a little near the Detroit area but not here, so far... {fingers crossed}

Love your indoor survival plans. Since we're retired here, as well, we hunker down during bad weather. It's kinda fun, especially if you have food, drinks, and good company!